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Wooden Cursive Uppercase and Lowercase Tracing Boards Reversible with Guide Arrows

"What the hand does the mind remembers." ~ Maria Montessori

This educational tool is the perfect addition to any classroom or home. Grab yours today before it's too late.

Wooden Cursive Uppercase & Lowercase - a to z tracing Boards to practice handwriting skills.

Uppercase on the Front and Lowercase on the back of the same board.

Great to develop the correct stroke formation and refining fine motor skills

Comes with 6 boards and 6 blunt pencil sticks

Excellent material to develop:

  • finer muscles
  • pincer grip
  • wrist agility
  • eye hand co-ordination
  • number recognition
  • concentration
  • confidence

The board is about 230 x 310 mm (9 x 12") in size (about one A4 page) and is approx. 18 mm (0.7") thick.

No mass production but lovingly made products!

These boards have a therapeutic feel, a calming, centering, focusing activity for children as well as adults.

Invest in this Limited Edition Tracing Boards today, guaranteed to be by far the most useful educational tool you'll own

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